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Namaste, Dear Devotee,

As reported by leaders across the world, COVID-19 has impacted the daily lives of nearly many people. With schools closed and everyone being asked to stay indoors, many of us are yearning for “normalcy” to return. With this backdrop, the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple (SSVT) - YOUR TEMPLE - with a 36 year storied-history, has stood as a beacon for those seeking peace and solace. And with your continued support, it will be here for another 100+ years.

Throughout this crisis, our Priests continue to perform Nithya Pujas to all the deities, to maintain the Sannidhyam of the temple. We will be introducing special pujas, specifically designed to pray for curing of diseases. SSVT will continue to live stream the Nithya pujas and special pujas for your viewing. Each week, we are publishing a Weekly Live Stream Schedule (3/21-3/28 schedule is available here). We hope our pujas provide you peace of mind and keep good health during this time. 

What SSVT needs NOW:

  • Support for a COVID-19 Response Fund. With the COVID-19 Response Fund, SSVT aims to support members of our congregation who are front line responders to the pandemic with financial support for child care and other necessities. Additionally, SSVT will donate from the Response Fund to local Prince George’s County, Maryland organizations aimed to help the public in need.
  • Under our current operating model, the deficit (with the temple closed) is $4,000/day. Your contribution will help us continue limited operations and support our priests, managers and their families. Over 30 men, women and children depend on us. These deficits have to be covered.

How can you help today?

  • Recurring Monthly Donation - With at least 200 donors contributing $121/month, devotees can help our Priests continue to operate during this pandemic. Can we count on you? Click here
  • Puja Sponsorships -You can sponsor the planned religious pujas through our website

Your tax-deductible contribution will help our temple to continue to serve the Hindu American and larger community. May the Gods and Goddesses of Sri Siva Vishnu Temple always bless you, your family, and your friends with good health. Thank you!


T. Prabhakar
Chairman, Board of Trustees

P.S. - Please participate in our Virtual Appreciation Day for our Acharyas and Staff campaign by posting a comment of appreciation and thanks on our Facebook page. Our Priests are committed to serving you, and to help anyone cope during these difficult days. Please convey your thanks to them and post today.

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