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Information for Devotees
Before coming to Temple
  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 (fever >100.4℉, cough, shortness of breath, chills, body pain, sore throat) AND/OR if you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, AND/OR you are generally feeling unwell should refrain from visiting the temple
  • Register! Registration through this link is mandatory. Please register and plan to arrive just before your allotted time slot! Note: each member accompanying you must register (including children) as well. This will help with crowd control occupancy, AND contact tracing if the need arises!
    • If you arrive earlier than your allotted time slot, we request that you wait in your car in the parking lot. or in the holding area. If you arrive later than your allotted time slot, we will try to accommodate you to a later slot if any slots are available (no guarantees will be made)
  • Separate Registration required for Car Puja, in addition to the Darshan registration
  • Ensure you and everyone accompanying you on your visit to the temple has a cloth face mask/covering. If you do not have one, we will provide one for a donation of $10/mask
  • Do NOT bring any offerings (flowers, home cooked prasadam/food, milk, fruits, etc.) Consider a monetary donation instead


Procedural Guidelines
Entering the temple (lower level)
  • Entrance to the temple will be through the basement doors, in front of the temple ONLY
  • Every visitor’s temperature will be taken before entering the temple (at the entrance). Anyone with a fever (above 100.4º F) will be denied entry – NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  Registration for you and your entire party will be validated at this point
  • Once inside, wash your hands in the bathrooms on the lower level before heading upstairs
  • Wear a cloth face mask/covering AT ALL TIMES
Inside the temple (main level/upstairs through Vasantha Mandapam)
  • Abide by the seven feet markers, in front of/between each Sannidhi and patiently wait until devotees ahead of you to complete their prayer to prevent close congregation
  • Avoid touching surfaces - keep your hands in Namaste form (“Namaste Hands”) at all times
  • No Aarti, Shadari, and Theertham
  • Exit will be through the stairwell next to the Rama Sannidhi. Vibhuthi Kumkumam packets will be available near Rama Sannidhi for devotees to pick up
  • Sai Aradhana Center will be open  
Food Distribution (lower level/auditorium)
  • Utilize the bathrooms or the sink outside adjacent to the auditorium to wash your hands
  • About 2 items plus snacks will be available on the weekends for purchase in the auditorium
  • Items will be self-serve pick up and pay
  • Payment will be through only Credit Card (sorry, no cash transactions will be accepted)
  • No dining will be allowed inside the temple. Self-serve pick up, pay, and exit only! Abide by the seven feet markers, in front of/between each Sannidhi and patiently wait until devotees ahead of you to complete their prayer to prevent close congregation


Do's & Dont's


  • Register ahead, visit during your allotted time slot. Each member of your party must register! 
  • Wear a cloth face mask/covering at all times!
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times!
  • Utilize bathrooms to wash your hands with soap! Utilize available hand sanitizers
  • Follow directional arrows to complete your darshan/visit
  • Abide by the seven feet markers; keep at least six feet between others
  • Namaste Hands Only (keep your hands in namaste form at all times to prevent touching surfaces)
  • If you’re a senior (60+ years), you are encouraged to visit during Seniors Only hours
  • Consider volunteering – help us with our reopening


  • Do NOT enter any other entrance except the basement entrance, in front of the temple
  • Do NOT bring offerings (fruits, prasadam, milk, etc.) Consider a monetary donation instead
  • Do NOT move or cross over any barriers
  • Do NOT touch any surfaces
  • Do NOT go to closed off areas of the temple
** Consider parking in alternate parking spots when you arrive


SSVT strongly encourages seniors and those who are at high risk devotees (as defined by the CDC) to refrain from visiting the temple during Phase 1 and continue viewing and participating in our virtual services. Otherwise, we have established Seniors /at-risk Only Visiting hours between 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Thursdays and between 1:00PM to 3:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Family of visiting seniors are allowed to accompany seniors during their visit. All devotees and visitors are required to register on our website prior to visiting the temple.


With your patience, and compliance with our procedures, we will all strive to keep you, your family, and the community as safe as possible! Thank you!


To report issues, or have any questions, concerns, please send an email to:


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