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Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
(Salutation to Preceptor)

Welcome to Sri Siva Vishnu Temple(SSVT) located in Lanham, Maryland, providing a place for Hindus to worship through religious, cultural and educational activities. All interested in Hinduism are welcome to visit the temple. All activities performed at the temple are to the benefit of its congregation and to promote world peace, harmony, spiritual and personal wellbeing of the community at large, grounded in the tenets underlying Hindu faith called the “Sanatana Dharma.” SSVT houses seventeen Sannidhis (shrines) with beautiful deities. This website provides you with the following:
  • information about the deities, the religious significance of and prayers to each deity, and
  • information about the various religious activities conducted at the temple and personal religious services performed both at the temple and at devotee homes.
Please look under the Upcoming Events section for currently scheduled events, and under the Newsletter section for our monthly Newsletter that contains the details of the events.We request you all to visit our beautiful temple here in our Nation's Capital, and to receive the blessings of all deities consecrated in our shrines.

Jeernodharana Kumbhabhishekam 2015
Preserving, restoring, and growing our temple

From May 26 - May 31, 2015 Sri Siva Vishnu Temple(SSVT) will celebrate its Jeernodharana Kumbhabhishekam in accordance with the sastras. Shilpis from India are working on the restoration - the Rajagopuram and Balaji gopuram repairs are complete after the essence of Divinities epitomized in these two majestic spires were temporarily encased in iconic drawings through “Kala Akarshanam - an Agama process for attracting and temporarily encapsulating Divine energies of the gopurams and puja idols”. These will be placed in the Balaalayam specially established for this purpose in the Vasantha Mantapam. Once the divine energy transfer takes place the sanctum (sannidhis) will be closed. This is planned to take place from the first week of March. Despite all the weather issues, work has now begun on the Anantha Padmanabha vimana.

The remaining work covers all Vimanas including Kalasas and the entire interior of the temple including sannidhis. The “Jeerna + Uddharanam –Revitalization and Restoration” project will culminate with a grand Kumbhabhishekam festival consisting of religious ceremonies, cultural events, educational sessions and social service programs. JK2015 is a $1 million endeavor and needs all our support. Please see details of the donor program and have your family recognized as a next generation founder.

Donate $1001 or more per family towards revitalizing and restoring Our Temple! Take a peek through the Vasantha Mandapam skylight at the Shilpis working and also consider volunteering for the activities connected with JK 2015 by leaving your name with the front desk.

Donor Categories for Specific JK2015 projects:
$10,001: Rajagopuram restoration
$5,001: Venkateswara vimana AND Venkateswara gopuram
$2,501: Swarna sthupi kalasa for the deity of your choice
$1,001: "This is our temple" - Family committment: Sponsor the work for one of the three (3) vimanas (Ananta Padmanabha, Kartikeya, Siva) OR the Ayyappa gopuram

Donor names are acknowledged on plaques outside the community hall along with their specific project or deity of choice. All Donors are automatically a Sponsor of the 5 days of JK2015 events. In addition, VIP tickets will be given for the Gundecha Brothers/Malladi Brothers marquee concert on April 18, 2015 plus Ad space in the Souvenir Brochure based on donor level. All Donors are eligible for SSVT Legator status ($50K over 5 years). Please fill out a sponsorship form online or leave it at the front desk.


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